Day 1: Vision of a Leader: Internal/External
Understand the importance of creating a vision that inspires, as well as the importance of communicating that vision to enroll others to make their own vision a reality.

o Further understand the Six Human Needs from a leadership perspective

o Discover your Model of the World (i.e. what shapes you) as a leader

o Learn the Seven Master Steps for creating lasting change

o Practice and integrate specific skills of Neuro-Associative Conditioning for creating lasting change (as they relate to each of the seven master steps)

Day 2: Communicating that Vision Powerfully
Learn various tools and techniques to increase the quality of your communications-whether it is presenting to a full room, or communicating with a person one-on-one.

o Learn the Ten Keys to a Powerful Presentation

o Understand Your Precision Model (communication tools for clarity and specificity)

o Increase Your Rapport and Sensory Acuity abilities to improve relationships and influence others to create change

Day 3: Developing a World-Class Team
Discover new ways to increase the morale and effectiveness of team.

o Techniques for building teams

o Experiential learning processes to drive home some of the most important aspects of team work

o Learn the Value Chain of Communicationhow to set up a system of communication to ensure that value is added at every step

Day 4: Spirit of Leadership
Reinvigorate your spirit of leadership and discover your inner strength in leadership situations.

o Overcome Odds (& help others to do the same)

o The Spirit of Leadership: contribute your leadership skills in every day life

o Experience Cloe Madanes, renowned teacher of psychotherapy, as she presents and analyzes one of Tonys best and most recent therapeutic interventions

Day 5: Integration/Closing
Now that you have learned many leadership tools, further discover how to apply them in your everyday life.

o Principles for leadership in business

o Integration of the 7 Master Steps

Final Closing

oTo learn the fundamental principles of impact and influence used by world-renowned speaker Anthony Robbins, to create his unique results-driven style of speaking.

oTo create a foundation upon which you can build your growth as an extraordinary presenter.